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  • The 2015 Baltimore Orioles … Number One!

    Some quick designs I did using the National Gallery of Art public domain imagery database for my favorite ball team.

  • Links from My Responsive Design Presentation

    I dropped a few links and tips for web designers that are just starting out or even for the veterans that have been at it for a long time. I especially enjoy introducing folks to the CSS3 PS extension for Photoshop that exports objects into CSS3 code. Viewport Resizer Bookmarklet » GuideGuide PS plugin for…

  • PSD Guides

    GuideGuide is a Photoshop extension for quickly creating a grid guide layout. Awesome!

  • InDesign Table Therapy

    I’m sure many of you have experienced this euphoria. It begins with a creative brief, and ends with a connection to your deeper self. It starts with some questions, “how many columns, how many rows?” “Will I have alternating row colors?” The infinite amount of possible futures can be staggering and humbling. Wander down the…